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BasicClauseSet Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void add_literal (BasicClause *cl, LINT nlit)
bool all_soft_unit ()
BasicClauseattach_clause (BasicClause *ncl)
cset_iterator begin ()
void cl_lits (BasicClause *cl, IntVector lvect)
void clear ()
void clear_direct ()
void clear_indirect ()
void compute_hard_cl_properties ()
void compute_properties ()
void compute_soft_cl_properties ()
BasicClausecreate_binary_clause (LINT lit1, LINT lit2)
BasicClausecreate_clause (vector< LINT > &clits)
BasicClausecreate_clause (vector< LINT > &clits, LINT clid)
BasicClausecreate_clause (LINT nlits, const LINT lits[])
BasicClausecreate_ternary_clause (LINT lit1, LINT lit2, LINT lit3)
BasicClausecreate_unit_clause (LINT lit)
XLINT decr_cl_weight (BasicClause *cl, XLINT decr)
void detach_clause (BasicClause *cl)
void dump (ostream &outs=cout)
cset_iterator end ()
void erase_clause (BasicClause *cl)
cset_iterator find (BasicClause *cl)
ULINT get_cl__grp_id (BasicClause *cl)
XLINT get_cl_group (BasicClause *cl)
ULINT get_cl_id (BasicClause *cl)
vector< LINT > & get_cl_lits (BasicClause *cl)
ULINT get_cl_max_lit (BasicClause *cl)
ULINT get_cl_min_lit (BasicClause *cl)
XLINT get_cl_weight (BasicClause *cl)
ULINT get_num_cls ()
XLINT get_num_grp ()
ULINT get_num_hard_cls ()
ULINT get_num_nonsofthard_cls ()
ULINT get_num_soft_cls ()
ULINT get_num_vars ()
ULINT get_num_weighted_cls ()
XLINT get_top ()
XLINT incr_cl_weight (BasicClause *cl, XLINT incr)
BasicClauseinsert_clause (BasicClause *ncl)
bool is_cl_hard (BasicClause *cl)
bool is_cl_soft (BasicClause *cl)
bool is_cl_unit (BasicClause *cl)
BasicClauselookup (vector< LINT > &clits)
BasicClauselookup (LINT num, const LINT ivect[])
void rm_clause (BasicClause *cl)
void set_cl_group (BasicClause *cl, XLINT clgrp)
void set_cl_grp_id (BasicClause *cl, ULINT gid)
void set_cl_hard (BasicClause *cl)
void set_cl_id (BasicClause *cl, ULINT clid)
void set_cl_soft (BasicClause *cl)
void set_cl_weight (BasicClause *cl, XLINT clweight=1)
void set_def_cl_hard ()
void set_def_cl_soft ()
void set_def_cl_weight (XLINT nclw)
void set_num_cls (ULINT ncls)
void set_num_grp (XLINT ngrp)
void set_num_vars (ULINT nvars)
void set_top (XLINT topv)
ULINT size ()
ClVectIterator svect_begin ()
ClVectIterator svect_end ()
BasicClausetmp_add_clause (BasicClause *ncl)
void tmp_rm_clause (BasicClause *cl)

Protected Member Functions

void set_def_cltype (BasicClause *cl)

Protected Attributes

HashedClauseSet clauses
BasicClauseVector clvect
ClauseTypes def_cltype
XLINT def_clw
XLInt2ClVMap g2cv_map
bool iteron
ULINT num_hard_cls
ULINT num_other_cls
ULINT num_soft_cls
ULINT num_weighted_cls
bool soft_units
XLINT top_weight

Private Attributes

IntVector wrk_lits


ostream & operator<< (ostream &outs, BasicClauseSet &cl)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 60 of file basic_clset.hh.

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