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ExternalWrapper Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual void _increase_weight (BasicClause *clause, XLINT weight)
void _output_binary_clause (LINT l1, LINT l2)
void _output_binary_weighted_clause (LINT l1, LINT l2, XLINT weight)
void _output_clause (LiteralVector &literals)
void _output_unary_clause (LINT l)
void _output_unary_weighted_clause (LINT l, XLINT weight)
void _output_weighted_clause (LiteralVector &literals, XLINT weight)
BasicClause_record_clause (LiteralVector &literals)
virtual void dump (ostream &out)
 ExternalWrapper (IDManager &id_manager)
virtual UINT get_clause_count ()
virtual XLINT get_min_unsat_cost ()
virtual IntVector & get_model ()
virtual XLINT get_soft_clauses_weight ()
virtual XLINT get_top ()
virtual bool has_solution ()
void increase_weight (BasicClause *clause, XLINT weight)
virtual void init ()
void output_binary_clause (LINT l1, LINT l2)
void output_binary_weighted_clause (LINT l1, LINT l2, XLINT weight)
void output_clause (LiteralVector &literals)
void output_unary_clause (LINT l)
void output_unary_weighted_clause (LINT l, XLINT weight)
void output_weighted_clause (LiteralVector &literals, XLINT weight)
virtual BasicClauserecord_clause (LiteralVector &literals)
virtual bool register_weight (XLINT weight)
void set_leave_temporary_files (bool value=true)
void set_multiplication_string (const string &_multiplication_string)
void set_solver_command (const string &solver_command)
void set_temporary_directory (const string &value)
virtual void set_top (XLINT top)
virtual bool solve ()

Protected Member Functions

void unique_literals (LiteralVector &literals)

Protected Attributes

UINT output_clause_count
XLINT total_soft_weight

Private Member Functions

int external_solve (const vector< LINT > &function, vector< vector< LINT > > &constraints, IntVector &tmodel)
size_t get_weight_index (XLINT weight) const
bool has_weight (XLINT weight) const
ostream & print_constraint (const vector< LINT > &constraint, ostream &output)
bool solve (size_t function_index)
void split ()

Private Attributes

int call_counter
BasicClauseSet clause_set
vector< BasicClauseVector > clause_split
vector< vector< LINT > > constraints
vector< vector< LINT > > functions
BasicClauseSet hard_clauses
bool leave_temporary_files
XLINT min_cost
IntVector model
string multiplication_string
XLINT solution_value
vector< LINT > solution_weights
string solver_command
vector< XLINT > sorted_weights
time_t stamp
string temporary_directory
WeightSet weights

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file ExternalWrapper.hh.

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